English: Massages at Ubuntu Universe in Delft

Intuitive Massages

In the range of Massages offered by us we focus on taking away stress from the body and mind. Each session is a connection with your being, your spiritual path and issues engraved, recorded, memorized on any layer of your being as a whole. What happens on one level of your existence influences the other. Therefore our approach is holistic and directed towards the whole of you. All massage modalities practiced here at the center are detoxing by nature. This explains the relief and release experienced by patrons. Each person will receive a personalized treatment that can vary due to personal circumstances the person is experiencing.

Relax Massage

The aim of this massage is to bring your body to full relaxation. As this is the only massage form that can be done by us in 1hr it is very important to dedicate time to peeling of the stress from the body. We recommend for persons taking this massage for the first time to take the 2 hour version in order to dissolve major stress areas and mold muscles into relaxation. This is a full body massage which requires minimum moveable body coverage during the session. Please bring a large towel.

Detox Therapies

During our lifetime we will accumulate a lot of toxins in our bodies. The toxins will slow down the body creating clogging, plaque and crystals in our bodies. Without periodically cleansing the body with fasting, enemas, mechanical colonics, sea bathing, sauna facial detox or foot detox etc the body will not function properly just like any engine around. Detox treatments can be done seperately, but to get the most benefit from detox therapies we recommend you plan for one month 1 treatment per week consisting of 2 foot detox sessions combined with a chinese belly organs massage (Chi Nei Tsang), a Lymphatic Body Massage and finish of your treatment with a facial detox treatment.

Facial Detox & Facial Toning

Our face is a reflection of our inner self. Bad habits in food, drinks and lifestyle do have an effect on your skin tone and overall skin quality which will diminish and let the aging process settle in, unfortunately at a too early time in our lifes.
What to do to stop or even regress this aging process in order to keep the skin youthful, bright and subtle. The problem is not always the wrinkles or even getting older but the lack of blood circulation and hydration reflecting in your face. This makes the face turn into a mask with or without a plaster smile.
Our daily habits make our face. With use of natural products the facial detox and toning will unmake the face bringing it back to its youthful vigor and shine. This therapy is very relaxing and you can feel your whole body being treated as Chinese reflex points and Indian facial Marma points corresponding with several organs are also treated. It is for men and women alike and takes about 1.5 hour

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The techniques used during this massage are all aimed at releasing toxic lymph fluids from the body and opening up lymph nodes so that excretion of old material can be facilitated. The relaxation in the body from this massage comes afterwards. During the session certain parts of the body may feel sensitive. Therefore with the use of Tesla lights before hand the body will be prepared before the start of the massage.
This massage takes 2 hours and you are recommended not to engage in any energy consuming activities afterwards but to take immediate rest in order for the body to assimilate the impulses to let go of toxins and frequent fluid release. This is a full body massage which requires minimum moveable body coverage during the session. Please bring a large towel.

Foot Massage

Our feet reflect our whole body. By massaging our feet regularly, we can activate our bodies capacity to release toxins by reflexological points. After this treatment your body will feel uplifted and high.

Belly Organ Detox Massage (Chi Nei Tsang)

Detoxing the body involves unburdening the liver, the kidneys, the intestines and the lymphatic sytem. Cheraldine does this by using the old chinese belly massage technique called Chi Nei Tsang.Client should not have eaten much before the treatment. With warm herb oil the belle will be massaged circularly and breathing instruction

Trauma Massage

Our physical body is constantly recording what happens in the emotional body and helping us to park away the excess experiences and processes. This is the beginning of blockages in the body that again leads to malfunction, organs toxicity, poor sleep, virus vulnerability etc.
Trauma massage is especially designed for people going through or having gone through traumatic events as:
Loss of loved ones or possession, illnesses, community alienation, criminal attacks or violence, near death experiences, bankruptcy and more
This is a strong massage involving body stretching, body pulsing, and when needed affirmation voicing.
After finishing this massage client must take complete rest and abstain from any activity that involves noise or too much talking. This is a full body massage which requires minimum moveable body coverage during the session. Please bring a large towel.

Spiritual Massage

This massage is all about activation of your inner power to reset your body and mind as a whole. You need to think through well which issue in your life you would like to give your full attention in order for the issue to be resolved, in the form of insights, inspirations, new ideas or action triggers. As we carry the answers for all personal challenges inside ourselves
A spiritual massage aims at aligning these auric soul solutions with the body and mind. Thus empowering the person to free her or himself of any burden. This massage takes mostly 2 hours depending on the client’s assimilation of the processes set in place during the massage. This is a full body massage which requires minimum moveable body coverage during the session. Please bring a large towel.

Pain Relief Massage

This massage focuses directly on the painful area of the body and the related muscle structures. A lot of stretch exercises will be given and recommendations to relief the pain. Important for you to be able to relate about the previous treatments you have done elsewhere. This is for us to make a treatment schedule that would really let you reap benefits.
This massage type can also be combined with a heat, herbal or clay deter packing Please bring a large towel.
Mother Earth Balancing Massage Treatment
Several life challenges can make us loose connection with the rhythm of Mother Earth. It feels like being orphaned from the world, lost never to be found again. This is the moment to seek nourishment and to be nurtured just as a child by the mother. Thus restoring the contact with nature in order to energize one self and fine a new direction.
The total treatment takes 3 hrs. Prior to the session you must eat very light and afterwards prepare a high quality lunch to eat when you reach home.
After finishing this treatment client must take complete rest and abstain from any activity that involves noise or too much talking. This is a full body treatment including mud contact, scrubbing and bathing. Bring with you water bottle, 3 towels, bathing suit and basic toiletries.

Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage (TM) at Ubuntu is a ceremonial massage with the aim to enhance, re-affirm and re-energize the spiritual manhood or womanhood of an individual.
A TM re-connects the individual with his or hers sexuality as a pathway to spiritual alignment with one’s true self and one’s needs.
TM is all about empowering, energizing and boosting of manhood & womanhood.
A TM can be requested by a serious adult men or woman with a open mind frame towards spirituality & sexuality.

What TM at Ubuntu is not:

  • TM is NOT a sexual relief exercise
  • TM has no aim to promote ejaculation or any other sexual pleasure by default
  • TM will not involve intercourse or other acts of sexual nature with the therapist
  • A TM session is divided in several parts i.e. breathing, spirituality, or nurturing, that is tailor made for each client depending on the personal issues or challenges.
    A TM takes in the first session between 2.5 to 3 hours and clients must keep their agenda free for restful activities afterwards. At the moment we are only accepting male treatment requests.

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